por martinlamothediary

46 days to go! Drape Line

Botichellis spring veil floating movement/Movimiento del velo en la primvera de Botichelli

Filipino lippi veil from Madonna portrait details/Detalle del retrato de Madonna

Straight from Marienism we take draping to the core and Create flat fabric  with it not taking on account body shapes , just as the renacentist master did before they could play properly with prespective.

Fresh , strict and cool! Can’t wait to see the final garment, I am very very happy.

Fresco, estricto y guay! No puedo esperar a ver la prenda acabada, estoy super feliz!

After fitting we believe it works but only in masculine garments the trinity colors blue pink nude and lime- yellow work they way through pastels and Fluor shades. Good good.

 Tras el fitting creemos que esto funciona pero sólo en prendas masculinas, los colores azul, rosa palo y amarillo lima encajan cruzando colores pasteles con sombras flúor. Bien bien…