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Nº 18 Rubber line    Jubileo

Mustard rubber dress      150h. Workshop Atelier

Nº 17  Case Study Houses

Happy San Valentines Day

 Nº14 Rubber line Jubileo

 Twin Rubber Dresses    150h. Workshop Atelier

 Nº 16 Rubber troursers  Jubileo

Rubber navy pants    90h Workshop Atelier

Nº 13 Rubber line Jubileo

Rubber skirt      97h. Workshop Atelier

 Nº 13 Rubber skirt  Jubileo

Rubber bicolour skirt       70 h. Workshop Atelier













 Nº 11 Clay line Pop up the volume!

Nº9 Clay line Pop up the volume!

Nº8 couture 

Nº 6 couture Skin Line